Would You Rather Go For A Sit Down Dinner Theme Or Cocktail For Your Wedding?

A wedding is one of the best days of your life, it is a start of something new! Obviously you may have planned for months or even years on the type of wedding you intend to hold. With many options out there if may even be one of the toughest decisions you had to make. Here are a few facts that you might want to consider before you decide on going for the typical sit down dinner type or cocktail;

Venue and space

When it comes to a cocktail wedding venue Melbourne, you don’t necessarily have to stick to a fancy hotel or ballroom as such. You could always hold it in your most favorite places, like a huge open ground creating an outdoor themed wedding or even in a historic house. However you could even choose to hold it in a restaurant that is perfectly designed to occupy large crowds, this way you could cut down the extra cost in outdoor catering as well.

Despite all of these you need to make sure you choose an excellent place that suits and is more than capable of occupying everyone you’ve invited. Along with that, you need to also consider the wedding packages that may differ based on a sit down one or a cocktail. Since the furniture you may have to use differs among one another. While for a sit down dinner you may need lots of chairs, tables and others that serve this purpose but for the other option you may need a less number of chairs and more stools and tables to hold drinks in.

Guest list

The location you intend to hold this in differs based on your guest list, so if you are inviting everyone one from Grandma Beth to next door Linda, you definitely need a lot of space to accompany everyone. So depending on your guest list too you might need to consider your choice between a sit down dinner and a cocktail themed one. If it is going to be a limited number of guests consisting of only close relatives and friends then you could even consider holding this in one of the 21st venues that have enough space to accompany somewhat large crowds.


If you are going for the former option rather than a sit down one, you would have to plan a perfect time to hold this. It could be late in the afternoons or even late night. But if it is going to be a sit down one, you aren’t necessarily bound to stick to late timings and could even go for more early times. The time you do however choose affects the amount of food you may need per person. So choosing the right times is important. If you do decide to hold it during the late night hours almost close to dinner, you might want to consider offering more sizeable type of foods. That way your guests wouldn’t be leaving the place half starved!


Although in a cocktail themed party, the seating is almost nonexistent or less. You certainly might want to consider it as an option especially for the elderly you might not exactly enjoy having to stand all night.Enjoy the lovely event with your loved ones and don’t forget to make a countless number of memories while you also live in them!