Tips For Choosing Weatherboard For Homes

weatherboard for homes

In recent years we have been seeing that how technology has made our lives easier and with that it has brought much need improvement on many things for example the automobile industry, the construction industry, the home renovation industry and so on many more industries.

With that said we can say that houses in modern era have become sophisticated and built to last for a generation. Let’s say that in older times the products that were used then were to be of good quality for that time and as time changes those products are either obsolete or improved in a manner that they can be seen on every house we have today and in this regards we have weatherboard for homes.


Yes, back in old days weatherboard for homes were not of that good quality as they couldn’t last for a long time but with technology these weatherboards have improved so much that they can now last longer and also sustain any type of harshness that comes from any type of weather.


Let us go through some weatherboard for homes which can appeal you in understanding that what might be appropriate for your house or what can you consider for your house.


  1. The first choice is timber. They have numerous advantages out of which we will discuss few
  • They are easy on installation part.
  • They can retain their look
  • Durability is also there


Let’s look at some disadvantages

  • They will require some maintenance to maintain their durability.
  • They will need to be treated


  1. Our second choice is metal. Yes, you can use them to cover up the walls. They are probably very easy to build and also very easy fix.

Let’s have a look at some advantages

  • They can be built to look like any weatherboard.
  • They can even work better specially in taking heat.


Let’s have a look at some disadvantages

  • Handling them can be a bit dangerous because their edges are quite sharp and they might even hurt if you get a cut from them.


  1. Our third choice is actually kind of rare which is fibre cement. They are actually rare as less companies build them.

Let’s have a look at some advantages

  • Durability is what it’s known for.
  • Weather resistant is what it does best.


Let’s have a look at some disadvantages

  • As opposed to timber and metal sheets they are very heavy to handle.
  • Very rarely you see them as builders are rare for them.


So you see there are many things to consider when you are talking about weatherboard for homes. You have to choose carefully at what you need for your house and what your taste preferences are.

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