Significance Of Doing A Dogging Course

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Dogging is weighed as an essential part of the construction industry because there are a lot of heavy equipment used at construction and they have to be move from one place to another as per the necessity. A dogman must know the slinging techniques to ensure the movement of the equipment from one place to another. A rigger is responsible to ensure the safe rigging of the load and direct the lifting of the equipment along with placing operations so, in simple words it is considered as a very technical job and trainers have to be quiet practical during their dogging course. Dogging job doesn’t considered as an easy job. They are also known as the crane supporters who help the crane operator when lift up the equipment. A crane supporter is directly in contact with a crane operator giving him the instructions sometimes through hand signal and sometimes through audio. The major responsibility of a crane supporter is to ensure the safe equipment settlement otherwise a minor negligence may turns into a major loss therefore dogging course is necessary for a crane supporter. Dogging course ultimately helps to take a high risk work license. When the load is out of the operator view then here the operator seek the support or guidance of a crane supporter. Hiring of a professional crane supporter can help the construction in reducing their losses. A professional doggman must have some singling techniques that carried out during the movement of the equipment. As we all know that construction industry is a very vast field with multiple responsibilities so, every worker should be professionally perfect. Dogging course requires a lot of effort of a person to get a license.

Difference between dogging and rigging:

There is a slighter difference between dogging and rigging. A dogging work can only be performed by a professional person having a high risk work license. An individual without a dogging license cannot perform the dogging job legally. Rigging activities includes the movement, placement and security of the loads but they cannot perform the operations of the equipment until they won’t get a license to do so. We can never neglect of both dogging and rigging. They are also obliged to pre determine the load that going to be lift up in order to avoid any unusual incident. Entire working process must be discussed with entire team as well and it should be documented. Dogging ticket plays a very important role in getting the job.