Safely Access The Underground Utilities With Non-Destructive Processes

There can be several reasons for digging the ground like installing new pipes, cables, debris removal etc. Mostly people used mechanical means to dig the ground. Though the process was effective, it resulted in a lot of damage to the underground structures like the water and sewer pipes, electricity cables, tree roots, telecommunication cables, gas lines etc. In addition to this, hydro excavation services in Brisbane it also creates a hassle in traffic and at times can be damaging to the surrounding properties as well. One effective solution to this problem is the introduction of the non-destructive processes using which you can easily access the underground utilities without causing any kind of damage.

These non-destructive digging processes are also termed as vacuum excavation or hydro excavation. The process involves breaking up the soil with the help of high pressure water. There is also a strong vacuum excavation in Gold Coast that sucks the debris and the loosened material into the tank simultaneously. It is one of the safest ways of digging the ground with minimum labor requirement and backfill. The process is eco-friendly for hydro excavation services and does not create any trouble for others.


Non destructive digging has a wide range of applications and because of the numerous benefits it offers with septic tank cleaning at Gold Coast, people are now considering this technique instead of availing the mechanical digging process.

Potholing of gas, water, electricity, telecommunication and sewer lines. Planting, remediating and removing tress. Digging around street lights and power poles to straighten them. For collecting soil samples. Accessing the underground utilities for dealing with any kind of blockage.


No damage – the hydro excavation methods are non destructive and do not cause any damage to the underground utilities like sewer lines, gas lines, power cables, water pipes or nearby properties which is commonly seen when digging is done with the help of mechanical processes. Reduced operating costs – the process is very simple as it involves just the use of high pressure water. The labor required is also less and there is no remediation work required. So, the operation costs are reduced to a great deal. No diversions in traffic – it is often seen that the traffic is diverted in case any digging work is carried out at the side of the roads or elsewhere due to which people have to face a great trouble. No such diversions are needed in case of hydro excavation. Eco-friendly – the method is eco-friendly in comparison to other mechanical processes. Cost effective – the process is cost effective as you just need to hire a professional who can do the task with perfection. No repair work is required as there is no damage. “