Dealing With Human Beings In An Office

From the day we were born we were surrounded with people who thought like us, believed in the same things that we did and shared similar interests. Even in school, we chose who to hang out with, who to have our meals with and which of our classmates would be our friends and it is very rare that you would be forced to spend long hours working with someone who is completely different from you in your early years of life.

It is likely that our friends in school speak the same language, share many of the same interests and in general think like us on many different subjects. Most high schools and colleges alike will therefore have a clique based environment where most students will choose the people that they are closest to and spend the most time with.

Changes in the office

It can be a very different atmosphere in the workplace which is why conflict resolution training services at Hobart is essential. Some examples would be if you are a vegan and an animal lover who has grown up within an animal friendly, compassionate environment in your own family and where most of your friends were vegans and animals themselves. Suddenly, within the workplace you are thrown into closed office with people who are not only meat eaters but people who will bully you for your beliefs, make vegan jokes at you because they are threatened by someone who thinks differently and will go on to dangle meat in front of your face doing every meal and put you down for choosing to live a more compassionate lifestyle.

This can happen for people who do not smoke, do not drink or even do not take drugs. Office bullying is a very real problem and therefore workplace bullying mediators are essential.

It can be extremely difficult for people to adjust to an office environment especially if it consists of an environment where people are not willing to respect another person’s ethics and beliefs which is unfortunately the most common case.

With all this however one of the most important things within a workplace is teamwork and this is where the challenge comes in. Young people are forced to look beyond the differences, forced to deal with the bullying and to look beyond it for the sake of having to work within a company environment and work within a team. However looking beyond bullying instead of standing up to it can cause much stress and sometimes depression in worse cases.