Beauty Brands With Non-sticky Sunscreen

best sunscreen Australia

Sunscreens are one of the most effective beauty products which are pivotal in the skin care management. These are utilized in the day time whenever one has to go outside in broad day light. This is mainly used to apply over facial, hand, and foot skin, in order to create a shield form harmful sun rays. Sunlight is composed of ultra violet rays like UVA and UVB which can cause sun burns, rashes, and in severe cases skin cancers when comes directly in contact with skin, as preventive measure sunscreens are used. The best sunscreen Australia has the benefits like prevention from tanning, skin discoloration, skin cancers, rashes, skin inflammation, etc. while it also brightens the skin color too. It is falsely assumed that all sunscreen gels and sprays are sticky and greasy; however, there is non sticky sunscreen available in beauty collections. These are dry in touch and oil resistant sunscreens that are watery in mixture. The sunscreen formula is devised in such a way that it quickly gets absorb on skin without leaving any greasy effect.

Best sunscreen Australia

Sunscreen is the lotion or spray that is applied on skin to form a screen layer acting as an active shield from harmful incoming sun rays. This is one is main component of the daycare skin routine. The best sunscreen Australia is the one offering long-lasting healing effect, soothing feeling, ultra protection from UV rays, and allowing natural skin glow. The main use of sunscreen is during day time, there is no such utilization at night.

The best sunscreen Australia can be judged on the basis of the sunscreen protectant factors (SPF). Some of the common examples are the SPF15, SPF30, and SPF40. Most of the sunscreen that are organic in origin, non-greasy, high in anti-oxidants and minerals, lightweight, and oil free are preferred by dermatologists for their clients.

Non-sticky sunscreen

Sunscreens that are oily, sticky, and greasy in texture are never loved by people. These lotions or creams when applied on skin result in oily skin which is a big NO. These sticky sunscreens are high in silicone and acrylate polymers. Skincare routine mentions the use of non-sticky sunscreen for normal to oily skins. These perfectly resonate with hypo-allergic, sensitive, and fragrance-free skin imparting freshness, moisturizing, and protecting effect on skin.

The non-sticky sunscreen spreads evenly on the skin which is the main requirement of its use. There are light to medium consistency of sunscreens which are non-sticky in nature. Neutrogena and Garnier are the two popular brands which have sunscreens that are non-greasy and perfectly fine in skin applications. The best quality of such sunscreens is that it leaves nearly 0% residual traces when used.


Best sunscreen Australia is the one that offer unmatchable and markedly protection to skin from harmful incoming UV rays from the sun. There is high recommendation of use of non-sticky sunscreen as this one is lightweight, evenly spread, oil-free, and friendly for all types of skin textures.