5 Ways To Make Your 21st Birthday Bash Striking And Unforgettable

Turning 21 is a huge milestone. All of us want that unique, memorable bash with a touch of magic. We want it to represent our greatest likes and who we are. But how do we make it different from other 21st birthday parties? Here are 5 things to add to your bash which will give the invitees the time of their lives.

Picturesque location
Of course, all of us want a beautiful location but why not make it more unique by having it in a place with a beautiful view like the beach, garden, hill top or even a cruise. The location will help you bring out a more beautiful view to the party. Also, who doesn’t love Mother Nature? So select whatever you prefer. It will be unique and save some money.


Generally people would go for common themes. So try to avoid that and instead go for some fun and crazy theme. If you a huge fan of some series like Game of Thrones or Riverdale, you can have fun with a little bit of cosplay. If you are not a fan of that you can go for something simpler like a Hawaiian theme.


Many of us would hire an event planner for this but why waste money when you can do it yourself and have so much fun? Tag your besties along. Make it more natural. You can find plenty of DIY birthday decor ideas through pinterest. This will give you some time to enjoy making the event even more memorable


Generally, the invitees will bring. But why not let them leave with a small souvenir? You can give them small personalised 21st gifts like a photo or a small card or even a key tag. This will surely make the party unforgettable and it would also make the invitees feel special.

Food and beverage

Another important part of the part is the food and beverage. Rather than going into a typical buffet, make it more simple and fun. Add a huge range of delicious snacks that everyone loves like pizza, chips, tacos, nachos, burgers. Or else you can add dishes from different cultures like Indian, Italian, Mexican and more. Remember to add some sweets for dessert. As for the beverages have some cocktails or you can always get some wine barrels for sale. Wine will add a bit of a classy sense to the party. So have some as well.