Things To Know About Concrete Wheel Stops

It is often observed that in a parking lot much of the property like structures, trees or any other surrounding property is damaged while parking the vehicle. This happens generally because there is nothing to protect this property. Here is where we realize the importance of concrete wheel stops.

These are the concrete blocks which stop the vehicle at a safe distance that too without any damage to the vehicle. These wheel stops serve the purpose accurately, be it indoor or outdoor parking area. Being placed at distance to avoid impact to any property or the car, the car driver is also assured about the safety of the car.

Another important aspect of concrete wheel stops is that it prevents unauthorized parking in any of the restricted areas and checks the irresponsible parking of the vehicles on the sidewalks.

Generally these wheel stops in Adelaide are made of reinforced concrete upto 1300 to 1400 mm in height and upto 3500 – 4500 psi (pounds per square inch). Standard Measurement of these wheel stops can be 6 ft long 6 inch wide and upto 5 inch tall.

Road safety signs in Aelaide are manufactured considering the resistance for lower impact force. There are specialized companies who manufacture customized line marking service s and wheel stops for much higher impact force.

Safety bollards – a type of wheel stops

Another form of the wheel stops which is used to restrict or curb the vehicular movement as required is the Safety Bollards. These are specially used to control the traffic between two lanes, between two adjacent buildings or to block the vehicles at some open entries at various malls.

Moreover bollards can also be used to restrict the footsteps of the people. It prevents the people from entering the unauthorized sections and helps the queue of the public on another occasion.

Various types of safety bollards are available as per the need. Plastic, Fibre and even steel bollards are manufactured.

A typical safety bollard has a yellow painted powder coating finish with removable molded rubber caps or steel caps. These range between 4 to 5 inches of diameter.

Types of safety bollards

Some of the types of bollards which can be mentioned are as below.

Offset Bollard made of steel, gets its name from the shape which is little offset from the base plate thus avoiding being a hindrance to the traffic. Folding Bollards – These are steel barriers with a lock and when they are unlocked, bollard can be lowered to let the vehicles in. Smokers Bollards also made of steel, works best for cigarette disposal. Spring Bollard: This bollard is also thoughtfully designed to bend in case of impact so that it does not break. Self storing bollard: This is a specially designed bollard which can be moved back into the ground or lowered into the floor whenever it is not needed.

Thus be it the road traffic or the indoor and outdoor parking, concrete wheel stops and line marking service are definitely of great use to avoid damage of the public and private property.